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DONNA J. WOODRUM, M.S. Clinical Psychology
Community Volunteer
Nonprofit CEO
Former Director of Clinician Training in EEG Biofeedback


My nonprofit, American Culture Council (ACC) is partnered with two national home improvement organizations. ACC and our partners’ goal is to refurbish homes of qualified and/or disabled American Veteran homeowners. Labor is provided by volunteers while materials are paid for by Foundations and donations from private citizens.


I am the daughter, sister, wife, and mother of Military Veterans, who have a combined 84 years of honorable service. I understand and empathize with those serving our nation in uniform, those who have served, and their families.


San Diego has the largest Veteran population in the country. While on active duty, military personnel are encouraged to expand their education outside their military training. The local community college is the best place to enhance their education. The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) can improve their outreach to our Veterans by having a Trustee on the Board who understands their specific and various education, training, and financial needs.


Veterans wanting to utilize their military training for civilian employment can develop their opportunities with Continuing Education courses, or enrollment in Degree programs. One program that does not exist that I will work to create is an Entrepreneur program for Veterans (or anyone else) who want to start their own business.


The SDCCD outreach to Active Duty and Veterans is currently somewhat limited. My tenure as Trustee will widen this outreach and appeal to more military and Veterans to attend our colleges and continuing education programs. Increasing the enrollment of the Military student will increase revenue to the District, while creating a better-educated and prepared workforce.


As former Director of Clinician Training in one of the largest EEG Biofeedback clinics in the nation, I established Training Programs for Clinicians, who treated patients with varying disorders, ranging from PTSD, Chronic Pain, Depression and other complaints.


As a Trustee, I will facilitate marketing and communication of the wonderfully effective work done through the SDCCD Acquired Brain Injury Program.


This remarkable program repairs shattered lives, restores families, and offers hope to the Injured.


I bring a unique education, experience, skill-sets, and history to the San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees.


 I appreciate your vote and, when elected, I look forward to continuing to serve our community as 

your Trustee.



The filing fee for this Ballot Statement cost $5,260.00. Thank you to all my generous donors who made this Ballot Statement possible.


On November 4 Vote For
Donna Woodrum, Trustee,
San Diego Community College



By donating to my campaign, I will ensure your taxes go to education, not an agenda.


Elect Woodrum

Trustee 2014

1804 Garnet Ave #492

San Diego, CA 92109


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