4 Generations of Donna's Family Back row on the Left: Tommy, grandson-in-law, Danielle, granddaughter, Marian, granddaughter, Cristina, daughter-in-law, holding Megan,granddaughter, Kelly, son FRONT ROW: Tyler, Great-grandson, Woody, husband, Donna the birthday girl, Alexander, grandson

Matriarch of Mira Mesa Family is Running for San Diego Community College District Board of Trustees

Donna Woodrum, mother of 3, grandmother of 7, and great-grandmother of 1, is our candidate for the of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) Board of Trustees . Her son, grandchildren, and great-grandson live in Mira Mesa.


"As you can see by my family picture,' Donna says, "my family is a mixture of Caucasian, (Northern European), American Indian Creek Nation, Filipino, and Laotian-Hmong. (Another daughter-in-law and grandchildren are Hispanic).
We are a diverse family, but we are all Americans. We love our country and our state, and we all want the American dream. In that regard, we're like every other American family, no matter their ethnic origins."


A tireless community servant, Donna is president of her nonprofit, American Culture Council, Inc. Partnered with The Home Depot Stores and San Diego Habitat for Humanity, together they refurbish homes for Veterans, free to the Veteran homeowners.


“It’s some of the most satisfying work I’ve ever accomplished,” Donna enthused. “The Home Depot Stores have a project every September called “Celebration of Service”. Just to say “Thank you” to Veterans, Home Depot employees volunteer their days off to work on Veterans’ homes. Thanking Veterans for their service is a great project,” explained Donna.


As the daughter, sister, wife, and mother of military Veterans, Donna knows something about the sacrifice of one’s time, energy, and life in the service to one’s country. “Just these 3 generations of my family have a combined 84 years of honorable uniformed service to our nation,” says Donna. “I lived through military hardships, endured the loneliness, and coped with substandard housing, on substandard pay, with hard-to-get health care.

The continuous moving and changing schools is a real hardship on the children. I’m very proud of my family and their time in our military,” Donna said. “It’s a hard life, but there is no experience like it in the world. In my childhood, my family moved so often, I attended 6 different schools in just the 1st grade! We moved from the Panama Canal Zone to Quonset Point, Rhode Island during my 1st grade, and we moved several times while at each duty station!”


Donna talks about her campaign to win a seat on the SDCCD Board. “I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. Some of my favorite classes, however, I attended at Mesa College and the Continuing Education classes at SDCCD. I love these schools in the SDCCD – they were a great foundation for my graduate education, and played a part in my becoming a Marriage & Family Therapist.”


“However”, Donna continues, “there are several problems going on in this District that I don’t believe the average person is aware of. This District is not an insignificant little community college. This District has a $750 million annual operating budget. It also is in the midst of a $1.55 BILLION construction budget. Maybe you’ve noticed some of those new, very expensive buildings at Miramar College.


“But, I hear a different side of the story from students. A student approached me in the parking lot and wanted me to know that, even with all their new buildings, there still aren’t enough professors or classes to get a 2-year Degree in 2 years. That’s a serious problem,” Donna opined.


“Yet,” Donna continued, “there is a worse problem looming and people need to know this: As a candidate, I’m invited to all the Trustee meetings, and I go to them all. What I hear is shocking. Sure, they’ve got nearly $2 BILLION they’re spending, but the fees for credits have gone up a staggering 600% since my opponent has been in office – 24 years! With all that money, they could have asked Sacramento to lower the cost of credits – they could have, but they didn’t.


“But here’s the worst, “Donna confided. “The Trustees of all the 72 CA Community Colleges want more of your property tax money. They’ve talked about repealing Jarvis Prop 13 and making your property taxes retroactive to 1978, when Prop 13 passed.


“I’ve talked to the Jarvis Taxpayer Association, and they assure me that is impossible. However, what IS possible is to pass legislation that begins to unravel your property tax protections under Prop 13, and that is what the CA Trustees are doing – convincing the State Legislators to pass laws that raise your property taxes and gives that money to….” Donna paused…


“The California State Teachers Retirement System – CALSTRS – is in serious trouble – it’s $71 BILLION in the red! Can you imagine if you’re a CA state teacher and all that money you’ve paid into your retirement fund is gone? And no one will admit what happened to all that money. It’s shocking and disgraceful,” Donna said.(See an article here)


“The California Homeowner and Property owner is not responsible for this mess, even though the Community Colleges want your extra tax money to make up the shortfall.


“The way around this is to vote for people who respect your hard-earned wages and all the extra jobs you have to work just to take care of your family. The LAST thing you need is to owe more property taxes, especially if the government has the power to take your home away from you and sell it if you don’t pay. That is wrong, but that’s the power the Community Colleges would love to wield."


Donna Woodrum is also a homeowner who believes that the money you earn is yours, not the government’s, and you, the homeowner, are not responsible for the financial mess they made.


Elect Donna Woodrum as your Trustee for the San Diego Community College District. She’ll use all her power as a Trustee to guarantee you get a good affordable education at your College.

Donna will work to save your home from a money-hungry district that doesn’t respect your family.


Say good-bye to the 24-year incumbent




Donna Woodrum’s campaign can be reached at www.electwoodrum.com
You can donate at this website: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/ewt2
Contact Donna at: donna@electwoodrum.com


By donating to my campaign, I will ensure your taxes go to education, not an agenda.


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