Johnny Depp's 1st Co-Star is Running for Trustee, San Diego Community College District! Who Knew?!

Johnny Depp sits next to Donna Woodrum in Tina's funeral scene in the 1984 cult movie classic, "Nightmare On Elm Street"

SAN DIEGO – In a trendy coffee shop in San Diego, Candidate for Trustee, San Diego Community College District (SDCCD), Donna Woodrum revealed today that she appeared with international screen star Johnny Depp in his first film, 1984 cult movie classic, “Nightmare on Elm Street.”


Talking with Mike, a former student of San Diego City College, and a few other interested classic movie buffs and coffee-lovers, Donna discussed her appearance in “Nightmare” with Johnny Depp.


“Johnny was all hot and sexy teen-age energy, brimming with fiery talent in Nightmare, his first movie, “recalled Donna. “He played the role of the boyfriend of my teen-age daughter, Tina. Tina was the 1st teen-ager killed in the Nightmare by the evil Freddy Kruger.

We all knew Johnny was good in Nightmare, but none of us had any idea he would become the star he is today. We just knew he was very special. Johnny endeared himself to everyone who worked on Nightmare; including the crew – Everyone LOVED Johnny, and still does!”


As her audience agreed with her, Donna went on to mention her race for the San Diego Community College Board of Trustees.

“We have a modern-day equivalent of a “Nightmare” in SDCCD. In the first place, my opponent has held this seat for 24 years. During her tenure, the cost of credit classes has risen a staggering 600%! Everyone I talk to agrees with me – 24 years in one job is TOO LONG!  It’s time to get Incumbents out and New Blood in – that’s me.”


“Secondly” Donna continued, “SDCCD is undergoing a building frenzy with a $1.55 BILLION construction budget! SDCCD also has a $750 Million annual operating budget. Wouldn’t you think, with all this money, that they could ask Sacramento to lower the credit fees by even a dollar? Well, they could…but they won’t. It’s so bad, some students have to take more than 2 years to complete a 2-year degree program, because they can’t afford the fees. Community Colleges shouldn’t operate like that,” Donna added. “With all those new buildings there aren’t enough professors to fill the new classrooms. It’s a real Nightmare. I feel bad for these students, and I want to help.”


“Change is GOOD!!!,” says Donna Woodrum, and I’m the Change this Nightmare needs.” Mike and the other college-age customers agreed, “It’s time for a change!”


Vote for Donna Woodrum, Trustee, San Diego Community College District on November 4, 2014.


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