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My name is Donna Woodrum, and I'm running to be one of your next trustees to the San Diego Community College District. I've been a long-time resident of San Diego, and I'm greatly passionate about higher education and helping the next generation have a brighter future with equal opportunities.


My husband Woody and I have been married 37 years. When we married in 1976, Woody was in the U.S. Navy, Submarine Service. Life in the military, as anyone will you tell you, was not easy, for both of us. 

We dealt with long separations, frequent moves and changing schools, inadequate pay, inferior health care, and no dental care at all, but we made our military marriage work because we both love our country and each other so dearly. Since retiring from the US Navy in 2008, Woody has worked for several Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies and is still working. So much for "retirement". 


I earned a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. After graduation, I worked in several clinics, with my favorite clinic focusing on EEG Biofeedback. Through my experiences, I witnessed amazing transformations. People with chronic psychological problems, including PTSD, chronic pain, depression, autism, and ADHD, were cured of their psychological symptoms, without therapy, by having certain 1 or 2 hertz frequencies in their brains re-regulated. These transformations were wonderful to witness, as they brought hope and normalcy to their lives.  

Years later, I established a non-profit called American Culture Council, Inc., which helps those in need here in San Diego. We're partnered with Home Depot and San Diego Habitat For Humanity. Together, we refurbish homes for Veterans, free to the Veteran homeowner. This volunteer work has been a blessing in my life, since helping others to have better lives is one of my great passions in life. 


The photo to the left is at a Veteran's project we were working on in June and July, 2014. Chick-Fil-A generously donated lunch for our crew   - they even sent the Cow!! It was a great project and a lot of fun - best of all, a Veteran and his family got a lot of updates and new changes in and around their home in Lakeside. Every Fall, The Home Depot conducts its "Celebration of Service" project - refurbishing Veteran's homes, as a way of saying, 'Thank you!" to our Veterans for their service. American Culture Council, Inc. is proud to be part of this wonderful project.


Since 2000, Woody and I have been directly involved in politics. In 2006, Woody ran for Congress to represent California's 53rd congressional district. For both of us, it was an experience with many highlights. It helped us further understand how our government works and motivated us to work to change our government for the better.  


I'm running to be elected as one of your next trustees for the San Diego Community College District because I believe the next generation deserves accountability and transparency, if they are to have the full advantage of a community college education.

My opponent has been a trustee for 24 years. During my opponent's tenure, credit fees have gone up 600%. This is problematic, since the SDCCD has an annual operating budget of $750 million, much of which is your money.


During the last 24 years, the Trustees had the opportunity to ask Sacramento to lower the credit fees, but they didn't. That's why we need a big change on the SDCCD Board. If you vote for me on November 4, I'll deliver that change.


I believe a "community" college should treat ALL students the same - whether it be in financial equity or social justice. The current Board of Trustees treats some students as deserving of all financial help, while other students can't get any help for their programs. This is not what a "community college" should be about.


A vote for Donna Woodrum is a vote for social and fiscal justice for ALL students. 


On November 4, 2014, vote for DONNA WOODRUM for Trustee of the San Diego Community College District.


On November 5, 2014, let the changes and fairness begin. 

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