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As a candidate running against a 24-year incumbent trustee, I'm invited to all the San Diego Community College District Trustee Meetings. I do not know what goes on in closed-door meetings, but I hear what they discuss publicly. 


Here's the meat-and-potatoes of what you need to know:

  • $1.5 BILLION construction budget building frenzy 
  • $750 million annual operating budget
  • 600% INCREASE in fees for credit classes (in the last 24 years)
  • $74 BILLION DEFICIT in California States Teachers Retirement System (CALSTRS)


The San Diego Community College District has an annual operating budget of $750 million, and they're in the middle of spending a construction budget of $1.55 BILLION. This is bond money from Props S&N.


Clearly, this is not an insignificant race. That's a lot of YOUR money SDCCD is spending--about $2 million a day. 


But there's a possible hidden fly in the hidden ointment....


Since the public schools and colleges are employment agencies for union teachers and professors, they are very mindful of teachers' retirement benefits.

CALSTRS "minds" the money the teachers contribute to this fund.
However, this fund is now 
$71 BILLION in the red.  Actually the Governor said in February, 2014, CALSTRS is $80 BILLION in the red- READ IT HERE.


Well, they've known since 1998 they had a problem, when the fund was "ONLY" $1.9 BILLION. But they did nothing about it.


What's the first question to ask about this inexcusable debacle? The first thing I'd ask is, "How did this happen? Who's responsible? How do we fix this problem?"


The people in charge, who have proven they don't know what they're doing, would be replaced and competent people would be hired. Meritocracy has its rewards in competence, truthfulness, trust, and accuracy. However, to give Meritocracy a chance, you have to be wiling to give up an agenda.


But, just as no one has been fired at the IRS, no heads have rolled, to my knowledge, at the CALSTRS program.


Moody's Investor Services uses a formula to calculate that at the current rate, this fund is sinking deeper into oblivion at the rate of $3-6 million PER DAY.


If I were a California state teacher, I'd be outraged at what looks like a double cross.


Instead, those in charge are looking at how to make up this shortfall--a shortfall created by their own incompetence and possibly worse.


That's where YOU, the taxpayer, enters this nightmare.


The trustees and other officials in CA academia talk about solving this problem by 

repealing Jarvis Prop 13. Then, they would love to ask the California legislature to make YOUR property taxes due and payable retroactive to 1978, when Jarvis Prop 13 was passed.


I say the taxpayers have paid their fair share and the mismanagement of this fund is NOT their fault, nor should they be held liable.


I've talked to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association, and they assure me repealing Jarvis Prop 13 is not possible. 


As for making your property tax bill retroactive to 1978, also not possible.


But folks, this is the mindset of the trustees currently in charge of your community colleges. San Diego Community College District is not alone in this kind of thinking. This kind of "group-think" mindset, however, fosters these types of economy-killing ideas.


The one sure way to stop this mindset in mid-action is to vote out the incumbents who support and foster these chilling ideas. More than that, vote in candidates who are conservative and believe the money you earn is yours. If the government takes your money, there better be some trustworthy watchdogs guarding how the government spends it.


However, Prop 13 is not out of danger. There are always people in the state legislature, supported by the college trustees, who are out to chip away at your tax protections. You can see more threats here.


YOU can stop any possibility that out-of-touch politicians in Sacramento try to undermine or overthrow Prop 13 by voting out the INCUMBENTS who did nothing as this retirement fund sunk deeper and deeper in the hole for the last twenty-four years.


          - A vote for Donna Woodrum is a vote to save your property.  
          - A vote for Donna Woodrum is a vote to make your tax dollars count

            towards education, NOT any political agendas.

Elect Donna Woodrum. I'll do everything in a trustee's power to make sure the right people make up this deficit--and that is definitely NOT the overburdened taxpaying property owner. 


         - A vote for Donna Woodrum is a vote for your interests.

         - A vote for Donna Woodrum is a vote for education, not agendas.


On November 4th, vote for Donna Woodrum to become one of the next trustees to the San Diego Community College District. 

By donating to my campaign, I will ensure your taxes go to education, not an agenda.


Elect Woodrum

Trustee 2014

1804 Garnet Ave #492

San Diego, CA 92109


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