Congressman Darrell Issa 






One of the most powerful members of Congress, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) supports Donna Woodrum to become one of the next trustees of the San Diego Community College District. 

Wayne Allyn Root, Vice Presidential Nominee, Libertarian Party, 2008



"Over the years I've known Donna Woodrum, she has always exhibited a steady and guiding hand. Whether starting or finishing a project, dealing with notable dignitaries at conventions she is managing, or simply completing any task she's given, Donna always shows focus, strength, persistence, professionalism, and a kindness of heart that encourages all those around her to succeed. Donna always gets the job done! Donna will be a great trustee, and I am proud to endorse her for the

office of Board of Trustees, San Diego Community College District."


Wayne Allyn Root is a national bestselling author, television producer, a parent of four, one who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College in 2014  

  • California Republican Assembly
  • The Lincoln Club of San Diego County
  • San Diego County Republican Party
  • San Diego Conservatives
  • Tax Fighters for Anderson Senate 2014
  • Brian Jones for State Assembly 2014
  • Craig Huey, Election Forum
  • MegaSuperstore.com---Owner, Christopher Williams
  • Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon, Politichicks, Author, Whiz-Bang Patriot


State and Local Political Heavyweights

  • CA Senator Mark Wyland, Vice Chair, Senate Education Committee
  • CA Senator Joel Anderson
  • CA Assemblyman Brian Jones  See Brian's Election Recommendations
  • CA Assemblywoman Shannon Grove
  • CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly  See Tim's Election Recommendations
  • Hon. Steve Baldwin, termed-out Assemblyman, Past Chair, Education Committee--Past Executive Director, Council for National Policy
  • Jean Roesch, Past Regent, Southwest Community College
  • Steve Johnson, Lakeside Water District
  • Priscilla Schreiber, Trustee, Grossmont School District
  • Claire Reiss, San Diego Opera Board of Directors
  • Lynette Williams, Women VIP's President
  • Barbara Decker, Women VIP's Legislative Analyst
  • Sue Osborne, Women VIP's Ways & Means
  • Nancy Botkin, Women VIP's Communications Chair
  • Mandy Botkin, Women VIP's Membership
  • Rita Boxleitner, Women VIP's Chaplain
  • John Loudon, Former MO State Senator
  • Penny Harrington, Legislative Analyst

Voters--The Most Important Endorsements

  • Capt. Joseph R. John, USNA '62/Former FBI, Concerned Veteran
  • Wayne Iverson, M.D., Concerned Taxpayer
  • Jan Iverson, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Ruby & Norm Townsend, Woman VIPs (Volunteers In Politics)
  • Roseanne Riddle, Women VIPs
  • Laura V. Largey, Women VIPs
  • Mary Anderson, Women VIPs
  • Larry Wilske, US Navy Seal, Ret. Candidate for Congress 53rd Congressional District
  • Marcia Nordstrom, Business Owner; Concerned Taxpayer
  • James Obenschain, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Douglas & Mary Somerset, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Dran Reese, CEO, ReadyAmerica, Retired
  • Anthony Porrello, Free-Lance Photographer
  • Joan Pernicano, Restaurant Owner
  • Mimi January, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Robert Morey, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Lincoln Pickard, Community Leader
  • Julio DeGuzman, Investigator, San Diego City Attorney's Office
  • Lisa DeGuzman, Nurse, Concerned Parent
  • Scott Rieker, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Barry Jantz, Newspaper Editor/Publisher
  • Steve Frank, Political Consultant
  • Sylvia Sullivan, Small Business Owner
  • Rosita Gonzalez, Small Business Owner
  • Vincent Arguello, Federal Employee
  • Jean-Philippe Castonguay, Canadian Real Estate Developer
  • James (JD) Bennett, Central Valley Entrepreneur
  • Alice Linahan, Texas Business Owner
  • Karen Grube, Community Volunteer, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Karen Wynott, Concerned Taxpayer 
  • De Le, Retired Army Ranger
  • David Braun, Web Developer
  • Dwight Johnson, Community Activist
  • Robert Atesalp, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Jannai Pero, Small business owner, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Frank Kacer, Small business owner, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Terrya Rez, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Rebecca Sparks, Homemaker, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Brian Brady, Mortgage Broker, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Christi Wangler, Small Business Owner
  • Brandy Maynard, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Rhoda Green, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Dan Holstein, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Shana Egan, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Christine Cecil, Concerned Taxpayer and Mom
  • Darren Cecil, Financial Advisor
  • Roger Bryan, Multi-Media, Social Media Expert
  • Cheryl Thompson, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Randall Jordan, Home Builder
  • Robert Jeffers, Legislative Analyst
  • Marie Roberson, Activist, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Glenda Dwyer, Activist, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Dawn Wildman, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Geoff Wildman, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Peter Farrell, Entrepreneur
  • Rachel Meyer, Past President RWF
  • Allyson Smith, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Joe Spencer, Activist
  • Ken Campbell, Activist, Entrepreneur
  • Carol Sweet, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Les Palocsay, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Colleen Britton, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Maureen and Stephen Guffanti, M.D., Concerned Taxpayers
  • Barbara Sloan, Concerned Taxpayer
  • John Franklin, Chief of Staff, Rep. Darrell Issa
  • Mark Meckler, Activist
  • Gisela Mayworm, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Ken Gosselin, Judge Pro Tem, San Diego Superior Court, Candidate for Judge San Diego Superior Court
  • Pat Ferbrache, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Peter Farrell, Business Owner
  • Ann Matchinske, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Anna Holmes, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Greg Cody, Entrepreneur, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Annika White, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Christopher Williams, Entrepreneur, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Karen Williams, College Professor, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Mary England, Past Lemon Grove City Council
  • Bill Baber, Esq., Candidate La Mesa City Council
  • Jim Obenschain, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Erin Hill, Eagle Forum CA Collegian of the year, 2010, (Endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly on the recommendation of Woody and Donna Woodrum, Eagle Forum San Diego),  Former Staff, Congressman Darrell Issa
  • Jo Alegria, Candidate, Cajon Valley Union
  • Mary Humphrey, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Greg Conlon, Candidate, CA State Treasurer
  • Vee Yaneza, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Neva Van Loton, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Rallie Rallis, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit President, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Keith Simpson,  Airline Pilot, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Dr. Ray Usell, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Penaé Littleton, M.D., Concerned Taxpayer
  • Mike Slater, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Michael Botkin, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Martha Doiron,  Concerned Taxpayer
  • Ronald and Dorothea Goins, Concerned Taxpayers
  • Donald and Mary Anderson, Concerned Taxpayers
  • Karen and Larry Lockshaw, Concerned Taxpayers
  • Desaré Feraro, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Fred Jones, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Rob and Janet Cobb, Concerned Taxpayers and parents
  • Daniel Yowell, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Scott Hasson, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Ken Moser, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Carolyn Detweiler, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Dennis and Jane Crane, Concerned Taxpayers
  • Xanthi Gionis, J.D., and her mother Concerned Taxpayers
  • Belinda Biron, Concerned Taxpayer
  • Mark and Vida Wade, Concerned Taxpayers


To add your name to this impressive list, just send an email saying, 'Donna, add me to your list of Endorsements!': donna@electwoodrum.com

By donating to my campaign, I will ensure your taxes go to education, not an agenda.


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